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Credit Edit is a credit repair and restoration organization dedicated to offering solutions to your credit situation. Our board of credit consultants, have served hundreds of clients through our restoration program. With the experience of our advisors and the application of a methodical and disciplined approach you can see results on your credit report within 30 to 45 days. These results, that are fast and efficient, are achieved thanks to our team of qualified and continuously trained professionals. They are really the best at what they do because they work hard and do it with passion for you. We specialize in helping clients obtain financing after being denied due to adverse credit ratings by leveraging the laws found within the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

We are supported by the confidence of the largest companies in the financial industry to help their clients achieve their financial goals. We put the burden of proof on the credit bureaus to verify that your client’s information is 100% accurate, timely, and verifiable.
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Your credit score is a three-digit number derived from detailed information about your credit history and it can be one of your most valuable assets. Your credit score will play an important role in your financial future. It can mean the difference between being able to purchase a home with a mortgage or having to continue renting. It can also drastically affect the rate of interest you pay on your loans (car loans, home loans, privately consolidated student loans, etc.). The higher (and better) your credit score, the less interest you will have to pay each month and overall. Your credit risk is evaluated, largely by reference to your credit score, any time you apply for a credit card or any type of loan. Keep in mind though that landlords, utility companies, and potential employers may also take this information into account. A poor credit history may mean having to make a large deposit in order to open an account with the electric company or to sign a new lease. It could even mean the loss of job opportunities.
Various organizations provide different credit scores, though all are similarly calculated. The FICO score is the best known and most widely used credit score. A FICO score ranges from 300 to 850, and those with scores of 740 and higher are typically entitled to the best interest rates.
Contact us now for a free evaluation of your credit report. We will give you information about what you are doing right, what you are doing wrong and how we are going to help.
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At Credit Edit we are proud to have the backing and confidence of the largest companies in the financial industry to help their clients achieve their credit goals.
Do you want that dream house, car, or solid future? With Credit Edit you can recover your investment capacity and see the results of our work in a short time in as little as 30 to 45 days!
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Having a high credit score and good credit history can set you up for many perks and low-interest loans and offers in the near future.
Whether you're moving to a new city, are ready to get your first mortgage, or just want to avoid some of the inconveniences of setting up a new account with a security deposit, having awesome credit will help you in several ways.
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